Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday;

[Before I start, I just realized I have a bug bite on my arm and it itches like crazy o.O]

What an amazing trip this has turned out to be so far...honestly, London has exceeded my expectations from what I had thought this city was just being a fangirl of 'Skins' in my dorm room[which btw, it's so nice to finally get to talk to people about that show. No one in America understands haha].

Yesterday I had held the 'Meowkins', mini-mini-gathering and had a great time! I'm really glad I decided to come back to Youtube after my odd break I took last school year and I PROMISE to never ever in a million and a half years do that again. Talking about all the little things on Youtube with other people who understand brings me back to the 888 gathering last year and all the crazy fun shiz that went on there...and I keep asking myself, 'why the f**k did I ever stop?!' I must have been mental...thats what it is :P

People ask me...'what did you do while you were gone? did you enjoy your break?' and I'd have to say yes and no. Yes, in the sense that while I was gone, I didn't have that urge to twitter about how I was procrastinating in my homework and instead, wish I had more time to study. No because...well lets just say I ended up having a different personality once I came back. I don't want to say anything more about that other than the fact that it was my fault and I have learned from my past personal choices. ohhhh so mysTerIouS....not :]

And I've said this to Tino [] and few others but I feel that now that I'm back on Youtube...I get this sense that I'm starting all over again. In my case, the number of people who have clicked the yellow button from when they saw 'poptart' or 'cuz i'm ASIANNN' doesn't add up to the views on the videos I've made recently. I'm trying my hardest not to sound like I'm complaining and again, I know it's completely my fault that people have lost interest in my I'll take this as a blessing in disguise I guess?

Oh look at me, I've gone and wrote too much. Going back to bed XD

[I really should have named this post 'Since I've Been Gone'...but eh, i'll let bygones be bygones.]


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Daisy said...

soo, to be completely creepy since I have no idea who you are:

SKINS IS SUCH A FABULOUS TV SHOW! and I'm still a bit disappointed that it didn't continue on with the main gang.

I impulsively clicked on the link to your website from youtube after watching your "Cuz I'm Asian" thing/video, and I swear I flipped a million cheetohs (cheetohes?) when you mentioned Skins, and so I decided to tell you that you're the second person in the States I know of that's actually heard of the show, and I am absolutely ecstatic.

Anonymous said...

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